Judge Executive Jerry Summers

Judge’s Calendar

The County Judge Executive’s office is charged with developing and overseeing the county government budget. Duties include but are not limited to: working with county department directors and elected magistrates to devise agency budgets, monitor and report expenditures, manage all aspects of a 200+ employee workforce, answer any and all inquiries submitted in various formats from citizens within and outside of our community.

Additionally, this office is expected to work closely with economic development, tourism and local city municipalities to attract and maintain residential, industrial, social economic projects which provide job opportunities, community development opportunities, and sustained, long-term growth opportunities.

Mission Statement

The County Judge Executive will strive to maintain and improve Educational Opportunities, increase Public Safety and Awareness, and achieve a superior Quality of Life for the citizens of Bullitt County by developing a vision that:

  • ensures tax dollars are spent wisely, effectively and appropriately;
  • creates and builds opportunities to form positive working relationships with local, state, and federal entities; and
  • oversees long-range, comprehensive planning strategies that will keep Bullitt County in the forefront of economic development opportunities.

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