Manufacturing Employers:

Dear Manufacturing Employers,

Do you hire employees that are not native English speakers? Do you have restrictions on the degree of proficiency required for certain positions?

If so, we can provide an assessment of your needs through a survey conducted by JCPS Adult Education.  The purpose of this survey is to make better matches between applicants and employers, affording stronger recruitment for positions within your company.

This process is purely voluntary, and if you would like to take advantage of this free service, please contact John Greenwell at and let us know the name of a contact person so we can set an appointment to complete the survey. This survey should not take more than an hour.

On behalf of JCPS Adult Education, we appreciate this opportunity to support our community.

John Greenwell

Transitions Coordinator

JCPS Adult Education @ Ahrens

546 South 1st St. Suite 203

Louisville, KY 40202

Phone: 502-485-7717  Fax: 502-485-7927


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