New FEMA Flood Map Information

As County Judge Executive, I have seen and heard quite a bit of misinformation concerning the Federal Emergency management Agency (FEMA) Flood Hazard Maps. I, along with over 2,000 other property owners are affected by this plan.

For the past few months I have been working with the Division of Water and local governments to secure funding to mitigate the possibility of flooding. We are looking at various ways to fund these projects. We are also working with FEMA to roll back to the previous flood levels. We have funded engineering studies to best identify who is affected by FEMA’s plan and to get the information to you as quickly as possible.

You should CALL YOUR INSURANCE AGENT IMMEDIATELY. You may be grandfathered in at your present rate. The grandfathering period will only last six months. You can call your senator and representative to address this federal issue – Senator McConnell, Senator Paul and Representative Guthrie. They need to know your concerns since this is a federal issue.

My office is available to listen and help with any and all concerns relating to this federal government mandate. Contact me directly at 543-2262 or on my cell at 819-8646.

Here is a link to the projected flood maps –

Below is a link to the Engineering Report funded by Bullitt County Fiscal Court:
Engineering Report


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